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Phase II Goal Achieved!
Thank you and stay tuned for Phase III this Spring

How You Can Help:

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Last year, we asked you to envision a fantastic new learning center wholly owned by Steps of Hope that will accommodate more students, more teachers and volunteers, and more services for the community. The estimated total needed for the whole project is $200,000 which we broke down into three phases. The goal for the first phase, “Stepping Out,” was to raise $75,000 for property in San-ta María de Jesús. Through you, we met our first phase milestone of $75,000!

While, at the time, we had not yet found the ideal property, we felt that God was leading us there. We wanted to be ready when that day came by beginning Phase 2 of our efforts “Step-ping Up.” Phase 2’s goal was to raise another $75,000 for the funds to build the actual building. Through you, we also met that milestone!

In the summer of this year, God sent Jessalyn to a property that will be ideal for the future of Steps of Hope and we we're able to purchase the property. We hope to begin construction next Spring. Also, next Spring, we'll begin our campaign to raise the final $50,000 to help perpetually endow the upkeep of the new property and building when complete. Stay tuned for updates!

SoH - Where your money goes- Summer 2023

Phase 1.    Stepping Out - SUCCESS!

                  – seeking a property ($75,000)
Phase 2.    Stepping Up - SUCCESS!

                  – raising a building ($75,000)
Phase 3.    Stepping In

                  – moving in ($50,000)

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